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Boys were also more likely to report not knowing whether a 1 month old infant should consume water 3. Complementary feeding of young children in developing countries: Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2005. An example using the Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey 2000. Specifically, attitudes toward exclusive breastfeeding, prelacteal feeds, and early child feeding behaviors were measured by asking respondents about: Factors associated with breastfeeding at discharge and duration of breastfeeding. A majority of mothers self-express the first milk colostrum and provide prelacteal liquids such as water, milk, and butter [ 56 ].

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Cambridge University Press; 1994. As young girls age into motherhood they likely draw upon these models as they make decisions about how to feed their infants and young children. The results presented here show high expected rates of breastfeeding initiation among the next generation of parents in Jimma Zone. Rural children, however, are less likely to consume high quality complementary foods that are rich in vitamin A, protein, and iron [ 4610 ]. With this theoretical framework in mind, the objectives of this study were to 1 examine the degree to which adolescent girls and boys agreed on items regarding attitudes and expectations in the cultural domain of infant and young child feeding behaviors IYCFB ; 2 determine whether these attitudes and expectations varied with age, location, and gender; and 3 assess the extent to which these attitudes and expectations deviated from current international nutrition guidelines. The results suggest that programs designed to increase the duration of exclusive breastfeeding l'adresse yield greater adolescents ethopian nus if they are focused on reducing the practice of prelacteal feeds rather than on the promoting the duration of exclusive breastfeeding per se. It is best to give an infant butter immediately after birth.

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A second stage adolescent survey questionnaire was separately applied to up to one randomly selected adolescent boy and one randomly selected adolescent girl ages 13—17 y from each household. Weisner T, Gallimore R. Child and sibling caretaking. Few sex differences emerged and youth responses matched larger community patterns. Henrich J, McElreath R. Interestingly, youth in the rural areas were least likely to endorse the animal source food item, which is consistent with broader population behaviors in that urban infants generally consume higher quality complementary foods.

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Email [email protected] (Best Young Researcher Award) from the Swiss Association for Adolescent Health/International Association for Adolescent Health​.

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I joined the Department of Geography at NUS in initially on two three of the sub-discipline Children's and Young People's Geographies.

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